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KOCH of RHM gets multiple bulk equipment orders

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2020-06-16 13:54:00 Clicks,

        Recently, KOCH Solutions, a German subsidiary of RHM has obtained orders for bulk loading and unloading equipment. The orders are mainly to provide customers with stacker, Portal scraper reclaimer, belt conveyor, silo and other stock yard equipment, as well as a 700TPH cement clinker ship-loader. Thoseequipmentwill be used for loading, unloading and handling of materials in a refinery in Thailand and a cement port in Cuba.


        KOCH is a world-renowned brand of heavy bulk material handling solutions with a history of 75 years. For more than half a century, KOCH has been leading the development direction of bulk material handling technology in the industry. The performance and quality of its products have been widely recognized and well-known around the world.

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