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The fixed crane delivery ceremony of Ningbo Zhoushan Beisanji Port project successfully held

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2020-11-05 14:42:00 Clicks,

        Recently, the Ningbo Zhoushan Beisanji Port project of RIC held the delivery ceremony, the delivery machine was fixed It is the first fixed gantry crane equipped with remote control and operating system in China. There is no need for drivers to board the crane which improves the operation efficiency and safety performance. Dai Wenxiang, Executive Deputy General Manager of RIC, Wang Zemin, Deputy General Manager of RIC, Zha Yan,General Manager Assistant and Project Director of RIC, and Hu Yue, Deputy General Manager of Beisanji , Dong Sheng, Manager of Engineering Department, Wu Xiaqi, Deputy Manager of Engineering Department and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony.

        The delivery ceremony was held in the conference room of Beisanji. Dai Wenxiang, executive deputy general manager of RIC, and Hu Yue, deputy general manager of Beisanji, signed the delivery document. Mr. Dai and Mr. Hu delivered speeches on behalf of both companies. Mr. Dai said that the cooperation between the two sides was smooth and pleasant. After a series of cooperation in the early stage, both sides had a high degree of tacit understanding, and looked forward to having more in-depth exchanges in the future. President Hu expressed his recognition of RIC and raised higher expectations for the future development of both parties.

        This project has overcome the influencing factors such as project shutdown and site adjustment of Beisanji during the COVID-19 epidemic. After the unremitting efforts of RIC and the active cooperation of client companies, it was finally completed on schedule, which is an important embodiment of the spirit of "perfect performance" of RIC.

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