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Congratulations to ROC on Winning the Bid of Huadian Dafeng China Energy Group H5# Offshore Wind Power Monopile and Cage Project

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2020-05-18 16:48:00 Clicks,

        Recently, the purchase contract between ROC and Huadian Heavy Industry on China Energy Group Yancheng Dafeng H5# Offshore Wind Power Monopile and Cage Supply and Transportation officially took effect. This is the sixth cooperation between ROC and Huadian Heavy Industry, and also another cooperation after Huaneng Sheyang Offshore Wind Power Project.

        China Energy Group Yancheng Dafeng H5# Offshore Wind Power Farm is located in coastal waters in Dafeng, Jiangsu Province, which is outside of the boundary of Dafeng port, north of Taipingsha, near the north of Shazhou. The farm center is about 67km to the sea shore. In this farm, it’s going to install 32 sets of 6.45MW WTGS. The total installed capacity is 206.4MW. Also, 2 sets of 220kV Substation, 1 set of land centralized control center, 8 circuits of 35kV electrical circuit and 1 circuit of 220KV output cables. This time, ROC’s bid of Huadian Heavy Industry China Energy Group Dafeng Project includes 8 sets of offshore wind power monopiles and cages, and the total weight reaches 11,000T.

        The cooperation between Huadian Heavy Industry and ROC can be traced back to the first offshore wind power installation platform in China in 2014, which officially opened their all-round cooperation in the offshore wind power market. Up to now, the delivered and on-going Huadian project in ROC are like this: Huadian 1001 Wind Power Installation Platform, SPIC H2#400MW Offshore Wind Farm Project in North Binhai, Jiangsu province, China Power Investment Dafeng H3#300MW Offshore Wind Power Project, CTGNE Xi Shapa 300MW Offshore Wind Power Project in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, Huaneng Sheyang South H1#300MW Offshore Wind Power Project, China Energy Group Yancheng Dafeng H5# Offshore Wind Power Foundation and Installation project.

        The successful bid fully showed Huadian Heavy Industry's high recognition of ROC's performance ability and good brand influence. Undoubtedly, it’s also another affirmation of ROC's comprehensive strength, technical level and team cohesion. Meanwhile, it helped ROC make a big step forward to "build a first-class enterprise in the field of offshore wind power equipment".

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