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ROC was awarded the title of "Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises" in China's Wind Power Industry in 2020

Recently, in order to encourage the sustainable and sound development of the offshore wind power industry, organized by Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association, China Yangtze River Economic Belt Renewable Energy Eq

READ MORE+Release Date,2020-10-13

RHM was selected as one of the Jiangsu top 100 innovative private enterprises in 2020

Recently, RHM was on the list in the selection of the 2020 Jiangsu Top 100 Private Enterprises Innovation List jointly launched by Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce and Jiangsu Science and Technology Developmen

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RHM has been awarded another 600 tons of Marine crane order

Recently, RHM and West Bonham (Shanghai) Marine Equipment Technology Co., LTD. Signed a 600 tons full rotary ocean crane contract. This is another full rotary Marine crane order project received by RHM this year, it is a

READ MORE+Release Date,2020-09-11

RHM wins an order for 600t full-rotation offshore engineering crane

Recently, RHM and Shenzhen United Ocean New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract of GENMA 600t full-rotation offshore engineering crane

READ MORE+Release Date,2020-08-12

RHM won the bid of Hengtong Jingkai 3,500t full-slewing offshore engineering crane

Recently, RHM signed a contract with Hengtong Jingkai for a 3,500t full-slewing offshore crane. After delivery, the crane will be used for the construction of offshore wind power projects and lifting operations of offsh

READ MORE+Release Date,2020-07-23

ROC Successfully Delivered “Offshore Wind O&M 801” Platform For Large Parts Replacement, Operation And Maintenance

Lately, the “Offshore Wind O&M 801” platform for large parts replacement, operation and maintenance constructed by ROC was successfully delivered.

READ MORE+Release Date,2020-07-13

The delivery ceremony of Zhangjiagang 3+1 RTG project successfully held

Recently, RIC delivered 3 RTGs to Zhangjiagang Port Group Co.,Ltd and 1 RTG to Zhangjiagang Win Hanverky Container Terminal Co., Ltd . The delivery ceremony was successfully held, and the related leaderships of the compa

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ROC Signed Contract of 60 Sets of Huawei Qidong H1#H2 Offshore Wind Power Monopoles and Cages with Customer

Recently, the contract between ROC and the EPCI CCCC First Harbor on Fabrication of Jiangsu Huawei Qidong H1#H2 Offshore Wind Power Monopole and Cage Project formally took effect, which marked that ROC got another big or

READ MORE+Release Date,2020-07-13

Two Coal Grab-unloaders Secured by RHM in SEA

Recently, RHM have signed the order of supplying 2 coal grab-unloaders with the Asian famous palm oil smelting giant APICAL Group. These 2 grab-unloaders will be used for coal unloading operations in one power plant of S

READ MORE+Release Date,2020-07-07

GENMA 600t RHL offshore crane successfully completed the CCS product test

Recently, GENMA 600t RHL offshore crane successfully completed the CCS product inspection at the Qidong ROC Port , marking the end of the final delivery of the product.

READ MORE+Release Date,2020-07-06
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