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About Rainbow

Professional Innovative Responsible Win-win oriented

Social responsibility

Promote the development of the industry, and promote national prosperity

Having industrial patriotic dream, abiding by business ethics, adhering to the exquisite professional skills, to promote the overall industry progress!

Environmental Protection

Rainbow always adheres to the concept of "produce in an efficient and clear way to promote the sustainable development" , and the environmental protection plays an important role in Rainbow’s sustainable development, actively practicing the idea of environmentally friendly and energy saving development society and strictly observes the environmental protection laws and regulations. Rainbow devotes to improving the environmental protection management system and management system,establish the emergency mechanism and form a long-term effectively mechanism for environment protection and energy conservation & emissions reduction.

Work for the public good

Rainbow has always attached great importance to social responsibility to help the poor. Over the years, Rainbow had raised funds for them using various methods. In addition to economic help, it also condoles by telephone, home visits, and other ways to concern about the growth of the school-age children to help them as possible as they can.

Protection of the rights and interests of shareholders and creditors

Rainbow attaches great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of its shareholders and creditors, and it has set up corporate governance structure to ensure the rights and equal status of shareholders. While developing healthily and stably, Rainbow constantly improves the governance structure, standardize operations and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders and creditors.

Staff rights and interests protection

The staff is the precious wealth of the enterprise, Rainbow think that the survival and development of enterprises is depending on the staff. Rainbow shall meet the needs, expectation and fair feeling of the staff positively,mobilize their working enthusiasm fully promote enterprise development and pursue the growth of both employees and enterprises by advocating "hard work and happy life" concept.
The implementation of "people-oriented" talent strategy, Rainbow has established set of introduction, training, using and encouraging talents mechanism. It strictly abides by the labor law of the People's Republic of China.Continuous to improve employment, employee benefits, labor unions, etc. protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees; providing training and career development helps employees grow quickly and improve their working ability.

Supplier and Clients interests protection

With each qualified suppliers, Rainbow always adheres to the principle of common development.Rainbow always advocates mutual trust, mutual benefit and common development with suppliers and other stakeholders ,coordinates good relations between the partners and creates  win-win situations.Company cooperates with suppliers on the premise of complying with national laws and regulations, based on equality, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation strategic partnership.
Adhering to the customer-focused marketing idea,Rainbow makes efforts to change the original management idea of "price competition" into "value service" further, "provide value" finally to complete the transformation. That is, the ideas will not only meet the demands of customers, also create customer value demands, instead of the traditional marketing concept to meeting the cost, quality and after-sales service demands of the customers.
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