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About Rainbow

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Company profile

Jiangsu Rainbow Heavy Industries Co ., Ltd. (RHI) established in 2003, located in Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone, one of the first 14 state-level zones of China, the Registered Capital of RHI is 670 million, total assets of RHI is almost 5000 million. RHI has been listed at SZSE in 2010, stock code “002483”.

Development strategy

Strategic development goal:build a efficient development model of “double wheel drive by high-end equipment manufacture, environmental protection and recycling economy”, creating strategic products to improve core competence of RHI.

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Social responsibility

Promote the development of the industry, and promote national prosperity

Having industrial patriotic dream, abiding by business ethics, adhering to the exquisite professional skills, to promote the overall industry progress!

HR center

People-oriented is a significant strategy of Rainbow.

Rainbow highly values team work, and it continues to recruit talents from Singapore, Holland, Finland, Germany etc.


GENMA is a crane brand that relies on the rich comprehensive strength and resource platform of Rainbow Co., Ltd. to research, develop, design, manufacture and sell. GENMA is established on providing the market with professional cranes with excellent performance. And through the market, it provides high quality ...


The "Parktec" is consist of "park" & "technology", dedicated to provide advanced parking technologies. By means of its professional and outstanding design concept, world-class manufacturing standard, Parktec is committed to integrate and optimize the parking solutions as well as promoting the city urbanization.
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