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China made 2025

With the new round information technology developing of internet, big data and mobile application, the global industrial revolution is beginning on the agenda, intelligent manufacturing is positioned as the main direction of made in China. The strategy of "Made in China 2025" in 2015 which is focus on realizing the strategic goal of manufacturing power, promote manufacturing industry by the big teams, not only in the field of general consumer goods, but more is to be in high technical content of major equipment to race, and other advanced manufacturing informatization and industrialization two depth fusion to lead and drive the development of the whole manufacturing industry.

In a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is the rise of information technology, biotechnology, new materials, new energy technology widely infiltration, drive the group technology revolution, in nearly all core is intelligent manufacturing.

RHI positively response "made in China 2025" strategy, and actively explore from traditional extensive industrial production pattern to the new production of "Internet + industry" paradigm shift, with research and development, innovation to upgrade products, bigger and stronger "think tank" made in China.

GENMA--Power in China's independent brand Mobile harbour cranes for zero breakthrough

RHI independently designed and developed mobile harbour crane (MHC) can handling all types of cargo (such as wood, structure), bulk material ( such as coal, grain) and container goods, etc. Product is equipped with advanced deflection of the goods, shaking control system, fully guarantee the efficiency of loading and unloading and the safety of the goods.

Smart + Environmental
Rainbow create new industrial structure

RHI independently designed and developed new type environmental HSUS400D with the capacity of 400t/h, is applicable for various grain, cement and chemical materials, without being limited by the wharf construction conditions.

More importantly, in China's economic development in the process of transformation from extensive to intensive, the environmental protection control ports is imperative. Part of the eastern coastal city of environmental protection and port management department has attached great importance to this problem, the traditional non continuous discharging equipment in the working process of the dust pollution caused by the problems such as need be contained.

GENMA HSUS series of pneumatic ship unloaders from Genma, which is adapted to this trend and good performance of environmental protection equipment, has terminals at home and abroad, food chemical industry in the fields of application. We believe the trend of port upgrade, this series of products can better meet the demand of port intelligent automation and green environmental protection, help enterprises to enhance competitiveness in the industry reshuffle.


In today green low carbon has become a global trend, China is also on the way to promote the popularity of high and new energy-saving technologies and products in the whole society, and to advocate the concept of "green China", to promote economic structural adjustment and industrial transformation, As green low carbon development has become a trend of global economic and social development, RHI provide society with energy conservation and environmental protection, environmentally friendly products and services, for the green contributions to China.

High-end equipment industry

Material Handling Solutions

For the market, we provide various kinds of large, effective, automatic material handling machines that are applied in ports, wharfs, shipyards, factories, mines, and city parking lots. Our major products include various cranes, harbor machinery, mining machinery.

Marine Engineering Solutions

"Genma" marine crane can provide practical solutions for all types of offshore oil platform, drilling ship, FPSO, live barge / engineering vessels, pipe laying ship, marine support marine ship and wind power installation vessel.

Environmental protection industry

With respect to the environmental protection business, our company centers on the treatment and disposal of sludge and the treatment and disposal of dangerous wastes among other treatment and disposal services. Till now, our successful investments include Jiangsu Greewise Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.; Hubei Zhongyou Youyi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.; and Wujiang City Lvyi Solid Waste Disposal CO., Ltd.

Port Operation

Qidong open type heavy haul port

Shipment of 20000 tons berth, can carry on the transportation of large equipment.
50000 ton marine outfitting berths
ton material berth

Taicang Runhe port

The port is a public bulk cargo port, with 361 meters length, 14.3 meters water depth, including a 50000 ton berth. In addition to its own use, the port undertakes a variety of equipment, steel structure, wind tower, steel pipe, coil steel and other sundry goods handling and warehousing services.

First made in China

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