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    Our Sectors

    Rainbow Heavy Industries (RHI) puts its main business in two sectors high-end equipment manufacturing
    sector and energy conservation and environmental protection sector.

    Russian SBU Group visited RHM

    Recently, Mr. Fedyaev, President of Russian SBU Group, led six senior members of the group to visit

    READ MORE+Release Date : 04-15

    Letter of thanks from Huajin Port

    Recently, RCI received the letter of thanks from Shishi Huajin Port Co.,Ltd. The letter expressed st

    READ MORE+Release Date : 01-30

    “ GENMA”MHC won" the First Prize of Ji

    Recently, the Jiangsu Institute of Mechanical Engineering issued a document saying that RHM's “Rese

    READ MORE+Release Date : 01-30

    RHM Wins a Contract for Offshore Wind Po

    Recently, RHM signed a contract for one heavy duty 600t leg encircling crane for offshore wind power

    READ MORE+Release Date : 11-22
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