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Warm Congratulations to ROC Winning the Bid For MBEC Zheneng Shengsi No. 2 Offshore Wind Power Monopile and Cage Project

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2020-06-15 16:11:00 Clicks,

        Lately, ROC formally won the bid for The 5th Engineering Co., LTD, MBEC Zheneng Shengsi No. 2 Offshore Wind Power Monopile and Cage Project, which was their another cooperation after CHNG Jiangxing No. 2 Offshore Wind Power Project.

        Zheneng Shengsi No. 2 offshore wind farm is currently the largest approved one in Zhejiang, which is located in

Wangpanyang sea area, south west to Qiqu Archipelago. The actual sea area for the wind farm is 62,000,000 m2. It’s going to establish 67 sets of 6MW WTGS with total capacity of 400 MW. After completion of the project, if calculating according to equivalent generating capacity, annually it can save 336,000 tons of standard coal, reduce emissions of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by 688,000 tons, and reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by about 3,755 tons. In addition, annually it can save 3.004 million cubic meters of fresh water, and reduce the corresponding ash waste water and thermal effluent. Anyway, the environmental benefits are significant.

        In this bid, ROC won 20 sets of monopiles and cages, with the total weight of about 27,000 tons.

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