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Delivery of GENMA Shiploader

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2021-02-05 09:29:00 Clicks,

        Recently, a GENMA shiploader, which was built in 4 months by Nantong Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.(RHM), was successfully delivered to the wharf of Jiangxi Jiangzhou United Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

        The rated operating efficiency of this GENMA Shiploader is 1000 tons/hour, mainly to provide customers with loading service for aggregate, sand and other materials. The shiploader adopts the special design of telescopic chute to meet the loading requirements under the different water levels of the Yangtze River. The chute head is designed with material buffer function, which effectively avoids the impact of materials falling from height on the hull. At the same time, the shiploader is also equipped with a spray dust suppression system to reduce dust pollution during the ship loading operation.

        It is worth to mention that in order to meet the strict machine weight requirements on the old wharf, the GENMA R&D team has fully investigated the site condition and customized a set of lightweight solutions. Finally, the GENMA shiploader not only meets the wind resistance requirements along the river, but also makes the weight of the whole machine less than 150 tons, which greatly reduced the customer’s wharf reconstruction cost.

        GENMA is a professional material handling solution brand of RHM. It has rich experience in termination material handling and conveying service. From light bulk materials such as cement and aluminum powder, to heavy bulk materials such as coal ore, from grain materials such as corn and soybean, to groceries such as wood and steel structure, to standard cargos such as containers and LNG tanks, GENMA can provide appropriate solutions to meet different requirements of different customers.

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