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RHM & KOCH Stacker Reclaimer Components Successful Delivery

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2021-01-21 16:05:00 Clicks,

        At present, CAROLINA sea vessel sailed from Changshu Port with last batch Stacker Reclaimer components, which achieved successful completion of project delivery.

        The products of the project are four coal Stacker and Reclaimer machines  built by Koch Solutions of Rainbow Group for Sukhodol Port in Russia. The slewing radius is 50m and the rated operation capacity is 3500 T / h, which can meet the requirements of long-time continuous operation in high latitude environment.

        KOCH Brand Stacker&Reclaimer, Stacker, Reclaimer, Break Bulk Conveying System and other equipment are important portion of RHM overall solutions for heavy bulk material handling and conveying. They are specialized in providing the most suitable heavy bulk materials solutions for enterprises including steel plants and power plants. Combined with the practical operation experience accumulated over the past decade, they can ensure that customers can achieve the requirements of optimal effect of carbon, ore and other materials handling with low investment and operation costs.

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