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ROC Signed The Strategic Cooperation Agreement With CCCC First Harbor

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2021-01-14 10:56:00 Clicks,

        Lately, RHI Chairman and President Mr. Wu Jian, RHI Vice Chairman Mr. Shi Xiaoyue, ROC Deputy General Manager Mr. Shao Xiwu and ROC Sales Director Mr. Cao Yuejie were invited to attend “2021 Strategic Supplier Signing Ceremony, as well as 2020 Excellent Supplier Commendation Meeting” organized by CCCC First Harbor. During the meeting, under the witness of leaders from both sides at present, ROC and CCCC First Harbor signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement”. 

        The Agreementaddressed that, centeringonthecore business and industry chain, both sides willcarry out all-round and in-depth business cooperation in areas of greater relevance andcomplementarity. They willconsolidate the achievements of existing cooperation, and furthercooperate comprehensively in domestic and foreign offshore wind power project andlarge bridge projects.

        Signing of the strategic cooperation agreement remarksthatROC and CCCC First Harbor willkeep their friendship, extend marketand achieve win-win cooperation. In next stage, ROC will furtherexpand business ideas, open new market, andcarry outmulti-level, multi-area and all-round cooperation.

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