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HR center

People-oriented is a significant strategy of Rainbow.

HR center

Talent Strategy

People-oriented is a significant strategy of Rainbow. Rainbow highly values team work, and it continues to recruit talents from Singapore, Holland, Finland, Germany etc. and domestic professionals in the industry.

Meanwhile, Rainbow also attaches great importance to the cultivation of its team members and tailor-makes a “Three-Year Development Plan” for its staff, which realizing a big leap in individual and social value for every employee. We always stick to “No Mediocrity” principle and establish an internal recruiting mechanism based on fairness, justice and publicity to select excellent talents to boost corporate growth. Furthermore, we pay great attention to select reserve talents and periodically select more excellent talents by which provides career development space for employees as well as maintains more talents for the corporation. For years of accuarealation and practice, Rainbow has possessed a competent, experienced elite team full of vigor and vitality.

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