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GENMA appeared at 2019 Nantong Marine Industry Exhibition and attracted attention

Recently, GENMA appeared at 2019 Nantong Marine Industry Exhibition with marine engineering solutions and GENMA brand marine crane and other equipments attracted the attention of Xu Huimin, Deputy Secretary of Nantong Mu

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ROC Successfully Passed the Integration of Information and Industrialization Management System Recognition

Recently, after evaluation and review by Beijing Guojin Hengxin Certification Co., Ltd., a certification body authorized by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, ROC successfully passed the Integrati

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“Work Together Win Together”- RHM Launches 1st Global Marketing Conference

Rainbow Heavy Machineries Co, Ltd. (RHM) held the first global marketing conference in Nantong (known as the first city of modern China) on Nov. 28. The conference has attracted customer and agent representatives from al

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GENMA Captures another MHC Order from Jusda

In the afternoon on Nov. 28, ENN Zhoushan MHC Project Signing Ceremony between Rainbow Heavy Machineries Co., Ltd, (RHM) and Jusda was held in Nantong.

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RHP has successfully passed the annual verification of "secondary safety production standardization"

Recently, RHP's "second level safety production standardization" passed the verification of Nanjing classification society and obtained the "annual verification qualified" decal. The verification results were publicized

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The hydraulic plug-in offshore mobile platform was certified as "Nantong's first major equipment and key components in 2019"

Recently, the "hydraulic plug-in offshore mobile platform for installation of 7MW fans" project declared by ROC won the recognition of Nantong's first (set) of major equipment and key components in 2019.

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New Record! ROC Offshore Wind Power Monopile Production in October exceeds 10000T

InOctober, totally 12 sets of offshore wind power monopiles for CTGNE YangjiangXishapa 300MW Project, Guangdong Yuedian Zhuhaijin Bay 300MW Project, HuanengSheyangSouth Zone H1#300MW Project, and Huaneng Guanyun 200MW Pr

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Domestic largest offshore wind power monopile constructed by ROC was successfully delivered!

In recent,an ultra-large offshore wind power monopile constructed by Nantong RainbowOffshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd (ROC in short) was deliveredfrom Qidong Marine Park jetty to Yangjiang Guangdong.

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RHI Holds 2019 third Extraordinary General Meeting

The third extraordinary general meeting was held on September 20th, 2019. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Wu Jian, Chairman of the Board.

READ MORE+Release Date,2019-09-23

President of El Salvador visits GENMA MHC

On September 6, 2019, President of Salvadoran Nayib Bukele, accompanied by the leadership of the Port Authority, visited the port of Acajutla and inspected the operation of two GENMA mobile port cranes. The field staff p

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