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RHM won the bid of Hengtong Jingkai 3,500t full-slewing offshore engineering crane

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2020-07-23 10:18:00 Clicks,

Recently, RHM signed a contract with Hengtong Jingkai for a 3,500t full-slewing offshore crane. After delivery, the crane will be used for the construction of  offshore wind power projects and lifting operations of offshore platforms.

The GENMA 3500t full-slewing offshore engineering crane signed this time has a maximum lifting capacity of 3500 tons at a fixed place. The design of the whole machine shows its intelligent features. The intelligent transmission system is linked with slewing locking mechanism, meanwhile, the intelligent control system performs fault diagnosis and elimination in real time to ensure the safety of the crane during operation.

As a mature and reliable offshore engineering lifting solution brand, GENMA has provided offshore cranes or self-lifting systems for dozens of engineering ships and offshore platforms. In the future, GENMA will continue to create value for customers with its excellent design and rich manufacturing experience, and provide safe, stable, intelligent and reliable heavy-duty offshore engineering cranes.

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