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GENMA appeared at 2019 Nantong Marine Industry Exhibition and attracted attention

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2020-01-06 10:29:00 Clicks,

        Recently, GENMA appeared at 2019 Nantong Marine Industry Exhibition with marine engineering solutions and GENMA brand marine crane and other equipments attracted the attention of Xu Huimin, Deputy Secretary of Nantong Municipal Committee and Major of Nantong, and Guo Dacheng , Chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Association.


        At GENMA Brand Booth, Mayor Xu Huimin looked at the pictures and models of products displayed by GENMA and carefully inquired about the development of marine engineering equipment products of GENMA. Mayor Xu fully affirmed the role of GENMA products in the field of marine engineering at present, and expressed his appreciation to GENMA brand marine crane, which is Nantong's first set of products. He hoped GENMA would continue to maintain a strong research and development effort, revitalize the industry with science and technology, create high-quality marine equipment products, and contribute to Nantong's marine industry.

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