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Independent hoisting of two sets STS projects with final assembly shipment in RCI

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2019-07-24 15:53:00 Clicks,

Recently, with the active cooperation and unremitting efforts of various departments, RCI successfully completed the self-lifting of the ship to shore container crane (STS) at RHP, on July 14. The perfect implementation of this project reflects the growing maturity of Rainbow Cargotec's equipment manufacturing capability. It marks the further enhancement of Rainbow Cargotec's competitiveness in the international STS market, and strides towards the goal of turning Rainbow Cargotec into an international equipment supplier.

The project is two sets of STS with single box girders ordered by Curacao Port Service Company of Netherlands on July 20, 2018. The total length of the product is about 100.6m and the total weight is about 870T. It is planned to be shipped to Curacao Port site by the end of November this year.

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