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New Achievement of GENMA Radial Stacker

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2019-06-12 14:01:00 Clicks,

        Recently, Mr. Greg Courts, General Manager of Emerging Markets Procurement of Rio Tinto  visited RHM and witnessed project completion of GENMA Radial Stacker. During visiting, Rio Tinto expressed grateful thanks to RHM and presented gifts to every member of project team.

        GENMA Radial Stacker is customized for Rio Tinto Dampier Salt Limited, Lake Mcleod Site. Bulk material is wet salt and production capacity is 1200THP. The machine is based on the actual needs of DSL and oriented by Australian AS standard and Rio Tinto specifications. In the process of product execution, it fully demonstrates the advanced design leveland outstanding manufacturing ability of RHM, which leads to the perfect performance of this project and win high praise from RioTinto.

        Rio Tinto Group, theworld-renowned supplier of resource exploitation and mineral product, was founded in 1873. Together with BHP Billiton and Vale, they are the three giants of Global Mining. RHM maintains good relationship with them for long term cooperation.

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