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Protecting Beautiful Yangtze River, We are in Action

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2018-11-16 10:21:00 Clicks,

Recently Rainbow Cargotec has launched an activity to make Yangtze River more beautiful. Wang Zemin assistant of the general manager’s, Qiu Jun the office director, and Peng Guangyu the general manager of Runhe Port, led a group of volunteers from the Rainbow Cargotec to clean up the rubbish on the bank along Yangtze River.

During the activity, all volunteers, regardless of dirty and tiresome, holding garbage bags, bent down and picking up the trash on the side of bank where the company lies.

In line with the concept of environmental protection, Rainbow Cargotec is, on top of developing itself, taking practical action to protect the ecological environment of Yangtze River and make their affordable contributions to protect our mother river.

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