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RHM Attains Certification of Management Systems of Integration of Informatization and Industrialization

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2018-11-16 10:19:00 Clicks,

Recently Rainbow Heavy Machineries Co., Ltd. (RHM) has passed the certification of the management system of integration of informatization. The Beijing Grand Honor Certification Co., LTD. that was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China conducted the audit.

As a pilot enterprise for the integration of informatization and industrialization and an exemplary enterprise for the transformation and upgrading of this combination, RHM optimizes its overall strategy, adjusts its management system, and breaks through the traditional theory of industrial development to voluntarily tailor itself to meet the new requirements of the information environment. Moreover, RHM pursues the latest ability to create intelligent manufacturing, industrial network, etc. and now the company’s overall competitive edge has witnessed noticeable enhancement.

RHM is going to keep embracing its strategic objective, take informatization as an internal factor of development, propel the interactive innovation and continuous improvement of data, technology, business flow, organization, and structure, and further exploit its potential of deploying resources. 

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