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ROC opened the seminar of “ Multi-function Unmanned Ship”

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2017-12-18 14:55:00 Clicks,

Recently, the seminar of “ Multi-function Unmanned Ship”participated by ROC,the intelligent ship working group of CCS, Nantong office of CCS, Jiangsu drawing center of CCS and Jiang university of Science and Technology, was opened in the multifunction meeting room of ROC.

In the meeting, Cai Dong , the master designer of ROC and Wang Jia, the associate professor of Jiang university of Science and Technology made the introduction of wind power operation ship , wave compensating pile holder and unmanned ship system respectively.Shao Xiwu, the Deputy General Manager of ROC and Lu Daohua , the Executive President of marine equipment institute of JUST explained and communicated with each other about the wind power operation market, intelligent ship and unmanned ship system and the conditions of operation ship nationality admittance. Finally,Cai Yuliang, the leader of CCS intelligent ship working group gave suggestions of multi-function unmanned ship system, wave compensation pile holder project and operation ship nationality admittance. And he also made extensive discussion on the next classification and strategy cooperation.

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