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RHM get the order of two hydraulic bolt type lifting system

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2017-10-17 15:18:00 Clicks,

Recently, RHM signed the contract of two 2000t hydraulic bolt type lifting system with Huaxicun Offshore Engineering Co.,Ltd. Now the contract has come into force. This is one more order of hydraulic bolt type lifting system after getting the two 4000t hydraulic bolt type lifting system order of Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co,.Ltd.

RHM is the earliest enterprise to enter the field of wind power equipment in China, and has lead of the

design, construction, installation and service of offshore wind power equipment. RHM came out on top and got the order of Huaxi project due to extensive experience in design, manufacturing and construction which the customer regarded as important. The two lifting systems will be shipped to shipyard for installation and commissioning in early 2018.

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