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Letter of thanks from Huajin Port

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2019-01-30 09:48:00 Clicks,

        Recently, RCI received the letter of thanks from Shishi Huajin Port Co.,Ltd. The letter expressed strong recognition and high praise for the design, performance and operation of 9 tire gantry cranes (E-RTG) constructed by RCI. The letter mentioned that in the past six years, after actual production and use, it has been found that the cranes manufactured by RCI have excellent industrial design, exquisite construction and installation, stable and reliable operation effect, extremely low maintenance cost, and timely, thoughtful and proactive after-sales service. Relying on this batch of equipment, it has completed a large number of container operations and created good economic benefits.

        For a long time, providing high-quality service to customers has been the aim of RCI. RCI always puts customers first, continuously improves its own technical research and development ability, produces every piece of equipment with strict craftsmanship spirit and continuous improvement manufacturing concept, and strives to create maximum value for customers.

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