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Nantong University Town Project Put into Service

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2018-07-20 13:59:00 Clicks,

Nantong University Town International Youth Innopark is located at No. 79, Chongchuan Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong City. Bordering on People’s Government of Nantong City and New District CBD, covering nearly 40,000 m2 and with a floor area of 120,000m2, this Innopark forms a complex ecological innovation park that collects innovation, business startup, office, department, communication, leisure and entertainment together.

The required total construction period of the project was only 40 days. However, through integrating resources and detailing schedules, finally Parktech successfully delivered the equipment and passed inspection within schedule, turning mission impossible into possible and providing perfect contract performance to our customer.

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