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Director of Nanjing Customs Xue Jinlou Visits RCI for Survey and Instruction

Subordinate column,Company news  Date,2016-09-21 00:35:00 Clicks,

Recently, director of Nanjing customs Xue Jinlou and deputy-director of Suzhou customs Yan Weiguo visited RCI for survey and instruction. RCI’s general manager Wu Jian, general manager assistant Wang Zemin and Zhuyun, and Runhe Port’s general manager Peng Guangyu took the reception. Firstly, general manager Wu expressed warm welcome to the visitors and thanked customs for their wholehearted support for RCI’S development.

Customs director Xue and the visiting team mainly visited workshops and Runhe Port under construction. Visiting team listened to general manager Wu’s reports of company’s operating status and its subsidiary company Runhe Port’s construction and development plan. Customs director Xue said he was confident with RCI’s future development, and he would as always carry out their function optimally to assist the company to develop steadily and rapidly.

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