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"GENMA" RHL Offshore Crane is Entering Commissioning Stage

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2016-08-19 00:30:00 Clicks,

Recently,“GENMA”RHL Offshore Crane designed by RHM independently is entering commissioning stage. Its rated load weight is 200t and its maximum working radius is 59m. It is mainly used for the construction operation of offshore wind farm, including the installation of the base of wind power equipment and the hoisting of the tower, nacelle and blades.

GENMA”RHL Offshore Crane is rotary bearing type steel wire rope crane with the features of rise, range and rotation can be separate or linkage operation.

Compared with similar products, besides the simple and beautiful appearance, GENMA”RHL Offshore Crane has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, strong wind resistance and easy maintenance.

As the leader of domestic offshore wind power installation equipment industry, RHM has extensive experience in design and installation of offshore cranes. This GENMA”RHL will be shipped  to customer installation site in the middle of August.

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