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“Huadian Wenqiang” Jack-up Offshore Wind Power Platform Delivered Successfully

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2019-03-18 16:05:00 Clicks,

Recently, the “Huadian Wenqiang” Jack-up Offshore Wind Power Platform, constructed by Nantong Rainbow Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called ROC) for Jiangsu Hengtong Land Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Land), has witnessed its delivery ceremony at ROC.

 “Huadian Wenqiang” is Land’s customized wind power platform integrating “wind power foundational construction, wind power drum, tower, engine room, hub, and vane” installation and maintenance to adapt to the market demands for neritic wind turbine maintenance and offshore high power wind turbine not more than 6 MW. Starting construction in January 2018, this platform is of overall length 120 m, molded length 78 m, molded width 38 m, molded depth 6.8 m, and draught 3.8 m. It is equipped with one 600 t leg encircling full circle slewing crane with maximum lift height 110 m; one 100 t auxiliary crane is provided to the port stern of the platform to cooperate with the main crane in hoisting a vane as a whole as well as other turning over and maintenance operations.

Since the contract was entered, everyone in ROC paid high attention to this project. Most skillful and experienced employees were selected from each department to establish the “Huadian Wenqiang” project team. They strived to make the project plan best to every detail to implement the milestones in the production schedule and to overcome difficulties in technology and construction. Team members were dedicated to their positions, worked hard day and night, and solved all problems to complete delivery task successfully as scheduled and realize the goal of “perfectly fulfilling every commitment”.

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