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“ Huadian Wenqiang” self-elevating offshore wind power working platform successfully finished station pile test

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2019-01-10 10:49:00 Clicks,

Recenlty, H ua dian Wenqiang self-elevating offshore wind power working platform created by NantongRainbow Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd. ( Named ROC for short) for Jiangsu Lande Offshore & EngineeringCo., Ltd. Successfully completed all routine sea trial tasks, and completed pile lifting, piling and standingat the front of ROC Terminal on December 4, 2018, providing a strong guarantee for the commissioning of thefollowing 100t and 600t sea cranes and hydraulic lifting systems, and laying a foundation for the smooth completionof the project.


It is reported that the platform is a wind power operation platform integrating " wind power foundation construction,Wind power tower drum, tower, engine room, hub and blade" installation and maintenance. The platformis 120 meters in length, 78 meters in length, 38 meters in width, 6.8 meters in depth, 3.8 meters in draft, andequipped with a 600 - ton round-pile full-slewing crane at the bow with a maximum lifting height of 110 meters. Theport stern of the platform is equipped with a 100 - ton auxiliary crane, which cooperates with the main crane tocomplete the integral hoisting of the impeller or other work requiring turning over and maintenance.


The platform operates near the sea navigation area and can be deployed in unlimited navigation areas. It isalso equipped with 4 full rotary rudder oars and 6 windlasses, with a displacement speed of 5 knots, to meet thedisplacement and positioning in the wind field area, and to be relocated from a long distance by a professionaltugboat. The leg length of the platform is 80m, ensuring an effective operating water depth of 40m, and basicallycovering the demand of wind farms in coastal areas nearby and shallow sea areas in China.

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