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“Genma” Bridge Grab Ship Unloader Glows in Indonesian Port

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2018-05-15 16:03:00 Clicks,

Recently the bridge grab ship unloader, which is the first one of this kind of Genma equipment manufactured by RHM for PT SWADAYA GRAHA, has been successfully delivered. And this equipment has been put into use at Port CIGADIN in Indonesia.

With advanced control system, “Genma” Bridge Grab Ship Unloader pushes its unloading capacity up to 1000 t/h, and takes a leading role at functions such as system protection, grab anti-sway and systematic stability. Moreover, this equipment efficiently reduces the workload of its operators and greatly increases its work efficiency by applying intelligent operation system.

With the speeding-up of internationalization strategy, RHM has launched more and more “Genma” lifting equipment and bulk handling system into offshore markets. The successful delivery of this product has a positive meaning for RHM to put out products of higher quality and win better reputation in the industry,

When bidding for this project, RHM competed with very strong opponents, however RHM finally convinced the customer by its optimized design, surely also by over ten years of experience and technical accumulation of Genma and a conspicuous achievement report of over 4000 equipment delivered to more than 20 countries.

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