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The successful delivery of RCI’s first STS project

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2018-04-12 12:56:00 Clicks,

Recently, RCI’s first self-developed Ship to Shore crane ( STS)  was successfully delivered at RHP. It will be arrived at the customer port of Netherlands Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals B.V. ( RST).  It is the first one of the STS order, and the second one will be delivered in the end of April.

RST project is RCI’s first project in STS market, which include product design, manufacture, transportation, installation, commissioning and delivery. This product is suitable for handling 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft containers. Rated lifting weight of 41 t, using load car, forward extension distance of 37.5 m, can load and unload panamax class container ship. Rear extension distance of 21m, gauge 48m, large rear extension distance and gauge, in the absence of loading and unloading ship operation, the equipment can be in the yard of container loading and unloading car and container transfer operation, cart running speed can reach full load of 120 m / min, is 2 ~ 3 times the speed of the conventional STS cart. In fact, the equipment takes into account the functions of shore container crane ( STS ) and rail container gantry crane ( RMG ), saving equipment investment costs for users.

A number of techniques have been used to improve handling efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

1.  The sling using eight rope anti-rolling winding, reduce the sling acceleration and deceleration of the swing time. The connection between the lifting appliance and the steel wire rope adopts a special form, and the lifting appliance can be quickly replaced under the condition of not using the lifting appliance to be mounted on the frame. The crane has a fore-and-aft tilting function to ensure quick box grabbing when the hull tilts.

2.  The cab can move back and forth, to ensure that the driver has a wider field of vision, improve loading and unloading efficiency. Thirdly, that pitch drum adopt a multi-layer winding mode of le bus steel wire rope, so that the diameter of the drum and the length of the drum are reduce, the size of the machine room is reduced, the rope outlet angle of the steel wire rope is smaller, and the service life of the steel wire rope is longer.

RST project is of great strategic significance for the company to enter the STS market. Through the active cooperation and unremitting efforts of all departments, the first STS was successfully shipped and started sailing. It marked an important step in the company's road to the port machine market. Believe we can do " we delivery success together".

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