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Winning the Contract for “Huadian Wenqiang” Jack-up Offshore Wind Power Platform

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2018-01-15 13:44:00 Clicks,

Recently subsidiary Jiangsu Rainbow Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd. (ROC) and Jiangsu Lande Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd, signed a contract for the “jack-up offshore wind power platform” project.

This platform is a four-legged non-propelled jack-up offshore wind power platform. It has streamlined fore and aft. Two skegs are arranged on the aft. For long distance dispatch, dedicated tug will be used. And small-scope movement and positioning will be realized by its own power system.

The platform has overall length: 120m; molded length: 78m; molded width: 38m; no of legs: 4; leg type: column/ diameter: 2.8m; leg length (leg shoe included): 72m; operating water depth (tidal range included): 35m; maximum depth that a leg is designed to be plugged into soil: 15m; design draft: 3.8m; move speed: 5kn ; dynamic positioning: anchoring; holding force: 30days; operator: 75.

Portside of the pore is equipped with a around leg continuously rotating main crane, which has maximum capacity of 600t, maximum lift height of 110m (above deck) / 20m (below deck). And aft portside is equipped with an auxiliary crane of 100t capacity, which is used for the construction and operation of offshore wind power field. This project mainly covers foundation installation, tower, cabin and vane hoisting, etc.

This platform can satisfy the requirements for services in offshore navigating zone and dispatch in non-restricted waters.

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