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Mining Machinery Delivered by RHM Got Praise

Subordinate column,Product news  Date,2017-12-18 14:59:00 Clicks,

Recently, the mining machinery (3 bucket wheel reclaimers and 4 stacker )delivered by RHM were finished installation and commission in Morocco one after another, the customer send e-mail again to thanks for the contribution made by RHM of this project.

In the April of 2016, this project was deliverd in RHM. It only took 10 month to finish the structure making of 7 machines and no quality problem happened during site installation and commission period. It showed the high efficiency and quality of RHM and was highly valued by the customers. They said that Morocco project could be finished installation and commission within so short time fully benefit from RHM providing high efficiency making and strict quality guarantee to make the progress very successful. It got the highly recognition from the customer and showed RHM’s enterprise mission of “ Create value for customer with innovation technology.

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