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ROC Successful Delivery and Shipping of Steel Piles

The two steel piles which were fabricated by ROC for Huadian Heavy Industries were shipped successively recently. The diameter of one of them is 6.3m, LoA is 63.77m, Gross Weight approx.612 tons; Another one is 6.1m diam

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The Representatives of BHP visit RHM

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RHI Certified by ISO3834

The TUV-SUD (China) ISO3834 team carried out an audit to RHI, and concluded approval to RHI against ISO3834 certification. The audit team share and exchangedopinions based on communication as well as access to documents,

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“Parktec” Product Wins One More “Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Nantong”

With its product “PSH-type highly wind-resistant, multi-link portal type intelligent parking system”, Jiangsu Parktec Parking Equipment Company (Parktec) has achieved the third place in “Prize for Science and Technolo

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RCI established "Science and Technology Association"

RecentlyRCI "Science and Technology Association" establishmentmeeting was held in the company meeting room.The leaders of Taicang City Science Association and Taicang Port Science and Technology Bureau attended the meeti

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RHI 2016 annual shareholder meeting

2016 annual general meeting of shareholders was held on May 12th,2017 in RHI. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Wu Jian, Chairman of the Board.

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Chinese Navy Ship Zhenghe berthed at RHP Port

April 27,2017 is the 30th anniversary of Chinese Navy Ship Zhenghe at service. To promote Zhenghe’s Spirit and deepening cooperation between ship and city and helping one Belt and one Road Initiative and improving relat

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Ingalls shipyard Richard Goodwin visit Rainbow Heavy Machineries RHM

Recently, the US Ingalls Shipyard (Ingalls) project leader Richard Goodwin and his delegation visited RHM, and conducted a supplier inspection.

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The successful ending of RHP Jetty opening Ceremony & Kalmar/Genma RTG product Update Ceremony

On March 2,2017, RCI solemnly hold RHP Jetty Opening Ceremony & Kalmar/Genma RTG product Update ceremony. it was divided into two conference hall, there were workshop and jetty.

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RCI Receives Titles Including “2016 Outstanding Enterprise in Fixed Assets Investment”

Recently RCI (Rainbow-Cargotec Industries) has been commended by administration committee of Taicang Port economic and technological development zone and received several honors for outstanding enterprises, including sec

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