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The company conducted safety training and test activities for all stuff

In order to strengthen the safety awareness of employees, educate the staff to focus on their health and life, and promote the company safety production situation more and more stable, the company organized a safety trai

READ MORE+Release Date,2014-09-19

Vice mayor of nantong government aijun huang came to company to inspect and guide the work of safety production

On the afternoon of August 18, vice mayor of nantong aijun huang came to company to inspect and guide the work of safety production accompanied by the leaders of the development zone management committee.

READ MORE+Release Date,2014-08-21

The commendation congress of the company was held in the first half of 2014

The commendation congress of the company was held on July 31, 2014.At the meeting, the relevant people analyzed and summarized the situation about company's safety, quality, production, marketing, cost, and so on.

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The company won the 2013 annual

Recently, the federation of trade unions in jiangsu province for the 2013 year entire province "ankang cup" contest advanced collectives and individuals Emerge from the entire province 25458 enterprises and institutions,

READ MORE+Release Date,2014-07-14

Company participated mountain bicycle motocross in observation deck of sutong bridge

In recent years, more and more people like cycling sports ,the sport is not only low carbon environmental protection, and is one of the exercise that can most improve cardiorespiratory endurance.Soar team of our company

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Company carried out the "safe production month" activities

June this year was the13th month to carry out the national unified safe production month.In order to strengthen employees' safety consciousness, improve thei rsafety quality, correct the unsafe behavior in daily work, re

READ MORE+Release Date,2014-06-13

Rainbow holds 2013 annual stock-holder meeting

Rainbow 2013 annual stock-holder meeting was held on April 18, 2014.by President Mr. Wu Jian on April 18, 2014.

READ MORE+Release Date,2014-04-18

Rainbow’s 2013 year-end Award Meeting and New Year Party of 2014

Rainbow conducted the 2013year-end meeting and New Year meeting of 2014 on Jan, 24th.

READ MORE+Release Date,2014-01-14

"Tug -of -war" of Rainbow

Rainbow organized the game of the Tug-of-war at south entrance, having 10 groups participated in it.After a fierce round,workshop 1 leaded the game; team1 and team2 of the workshop3 placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

READ MORE+Release Date,2013-12-31

Rainbow has been titled the “CityCivilized Units in Nantong from 2011 to 2012”

Recently, Rainbow has been titled “City Civilized Units” by Nantong Municipal Committee and People’s Government of Nantong.

READ MORE+Release Date,2013-11-18
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