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Parking equipment of PCS type 25 levels rewarded as Science and Technology Progress Award

Parking equipment of PCS type 25 levels made by Jiangsu Parktec awarded as third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in Nantong city on 2015 by Nantong government recently.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-04-11

Jiangsu Parktec awarded the title of “mechanical parking equipment industry excellent enterprise on 2015”

Jiangsu Parktec invited to attend the annual meeting on 2015 for mechanical parking equipment industry by Committee of Parking Equipment of China Heavy Industry Association recently. And it was awarded the title of “mec

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RHI won the“2015 Excellent Supplier Award” by Cargotec China

RHI was rewarded“2015 Excellent Supplier Award” by Cargotec China few days ago.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-03-09

RHI 2015 Commendation Conference and 2016 New Year Gala

RHI hold 2015 Commendation Conference and 2016 New year Gala on 23th January 2016.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-01-27

RCI won the " intelligence of jiangsu province engineering technology research center"

Recently, the good news coming from science and technology department of jiangsu province is that our company "jiangsu Marine engineering and port special lifting equipment engineering technology research center" won the

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RHI hold the fourth extraordinary shareholders' meeting

RHI hold the fourth extraordinary shareholders' meeting on 28th Dec 2015, the meeting was presided by vice chairman Mr ShiXiaoYue.

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ROC entered in accordance with third group of companies with the conditions of ship industry norms

Recently, released by national ministry of industry, the provincial department in charge of shipping industry preliminary examination, the state ministry of organization expert evaluation and review, nantong ROC was conf

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Christmas Party for RHI Foreign Customers

Before Christmas, RHI invited foreign customers for the festival celebration and made them feel the warmth from their friends in different country.

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-12-28

RCI Acquires “New High-tech Enterprise” Certificate

Recently RCI acquired “new high-tech enterprise” certificate awarded jointly by Jiangsu science and technology department, Jiangsu finance department, state taxation bureau of Jiangsu and local taxation bureau of Jiang

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Displaying “Perfectly Fulfilling Every Commitment” Spirit JPC Receives Thanks Letter from Customer

Recently JPC received a thanks letter from government office administration of Chengdu Xinhua District. It thanked JPC for its dedication in construction and displayed “serve customers

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