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Container handling solutions

Ship to Shore Cranes(STS)
STS equipped with container spreader is specialized for handling containers at the container terminal quayside. GENMA STS has inherited Kalmar’s manufacturing experience accumulated over a century. With her innovation, reliable design, excellent quality and high availability, you can be best assured of the remarkable loading and unloading capability.

Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes(RMG)
RMG is mainly used for loading, unloading, moving and stacking containers in transshipment and large-scale container terminal. We offer you an automated RMG from optimized design while improving performance, reducing power consumption and human error. Its efficiency, safety, low noise and low maintenance cost will generate the most to you.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes(RTG)
RTG is the special equipment for stacking of container. The GENMA RTG with variable speed generator system and hybrid package can typically provide fuel saving of up to 60% as compared to conventional RTGs.
GENMA RTG with hybrid power system promotes energy saving;reduce energy loss, exhaust and noise emission and operation cost. GENMA RTG adopts high-quality and full-electric parts that enhance operating performance while meeting the requirements of environmental protection. GENMA RTG with high quality, low maintenance cost and green intelligence, is a helping hand in your efficient yard management.


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