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Engineering Ship

Engineering ships are ships engaged in engineering operations in waters such as ports, waterways, shipyards and so on. According to the function, they are divided into dredger, crane ship, piling ship, self-discharging ship, stone dumper, above water platform, concrete mixing ship and ancillary operation ship.

A type of engineering ship used to digging underwater soil and gravel. It includes drag suction dredger and cutter suction dredger.

Crane Ship:
Also known as floating crane, it is for water lifting, hoisting operations, generally non-self-propelled, but some are also self-propelled. The crane ship is equipped with a crane. The crane ship with frequent operation is usually self-propelled type. When lifting extra large piece, two ships can be used to merge operations.

Piling Boat:
Used for water piling operations, the hull adopting steel box structure, at the end of the deck with a piling frame, can bend forward and backward to adapt to the needs of batter piling. Piling boat is non-self-propelled ship, which can pulled in place by push (drag) tug. Piling boats are widely used in bridges, docks, water conservancy construction.

Self-discharging Ship:
The hull itself has a discharge device, which can unload the material to the pier. It’s a dry bulk ship with special cargo structure and unloading equipment, capable of unloading in a continuous manner. Self- discharging ship can centralize unloading operations, to achieve high-speed automatic discharge.


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