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Jack-up Offshore Wind Power Platform

The jack-up offshore platform is a multi-function platform, such as transportation of offshore wind power equipment, piling, installation, commissioning and maintenance operations. It possesses a series of advantages, such as low construction cost, high reliability, high carrying capacity, low maintenance cost and strong adaptability to operating conditions. Our company independently designed, built, commissioned the first domestic self-elevating offshore wind power installation platform, which is applicable for China's coastal waters. At the same time, we are committed to provide advanced and efficient solution to China's offshore wind power construction though development and design of serialization products. The platform adopts rack and pinion lifting system and is equipped with two cranes with lifting capacity 120T and 100T. It can meet 160 people living requirements. The parameters of molded length, molded breadth and molded depth are increased for the reinforced wind power platform. The reinforced type uses hydraulic bolt lifting mechanism with the lifting speed 18m / h and the maximum lifting capacity of 3500t / leg, which will meet the needs of the deeper waters wind power installation tasks more efficiently.


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