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  • 吊离式舱口盖
  • 侧滑式舱口盖
  • 折叠式舱口盖

Ship Mating Products

A, Hanging-From hatch cover
Usually used for container ships to cover the open deck, the hatch can be placed with the container. It is widely used in the general cargo ship as double decks.

B, Side Slip type hatch cover
Mainly used for bulk carriers and move the hatch cover to both sides of the ship to vacate the cargo space. The sliding-type hatch covers can be divided into single-hatch hatch covers and double-hatch hatch covers.

C, Folding hatch covers
Folding hatch covers are widely used and mainly applied to dry bulk carriers. The folding hatch covers can be divided into multi-folded hatch covers and single folding hatch covers.


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