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Here are the latest news and collaborations

The Brand "Parktec" awarded “Jiangsu famous brands ”

RecentlyJPC “Parktec” brandwas identified and awarded as “Jiangsufamous brands” by Jiangsu industry and Commerce Bureau.

READ MORE+Release Date,2017-06-28

JPC attended 2016 Shanghai Parking Equipment Exhibition

Recenly, JPC attended the 2016 Shanghai International Parking Equipment and Technology Exhibition in Shanghai.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-12-21

"GENMA" RHL Offshore Crane is Entering Commissioning Stage

Recently,“GENMA”RHL Offshore Crane designed by RHM independently is entering commissioning stage. Its rated load weight is 200t and its maximum working radius is 59m.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-08-19

“GENMA” RTG for Ningbo Port Delivered Smoothly

Recently Rainbow Cargotec Industries Company (RCI) successfully delivered two RTG of “GENMA” brand to Ningbo Port. This project’s cycle from contract awarding to delivering was less than five months. During this perio

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-07-13

RHM Appeared in TOC ASIA 2016 with New Product

Recently RHM attended TOC ASIA 2016, Singapore, and exhibited its new products including “GENMA” pneumatic ship unloader.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-05-17

Recently one ship loader, manufactured by RHM for EMS-TECH, Canadian, was satisfactorily delivered

Recently one ship loader, manufactured by RHM for EMS-TECH, Canadian, was satisfactorily delivered. This was the first order placed in the cooperation between RHM and EMS-TECH.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-05-17

Meet GENMA at 2017 TOC ASIA

TOC (The Terminal Operations Conference) has long been considered best in class by container terminal operators and their suppliers.TOC Asia is part of a global portfolio of events that bring together stakeholders of the

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-05-05

Lifting works finished for 100T transportable port crane of “GENMA”

The lifting works finished for 100T transportable port crane of “GENMA” which is made for some port in Myanmar by RHM recently and this is another great work since our company started to sale the first transportable po

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-04-11

JPC's First PXD Parking System Delivered Successfully

Recently JPC successfully delivered its first PXD (laneway stacking parking equipment) for Qidong public security bureau project. This project was consisted of two parking garages, respectively five –tier lift-sliding s

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-03-14

RCI awarded as One of Ten Best Research and Development Company

Recently RCI was awarded as “one of ten best research and development company in 2015” in Taicang.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-03-14
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