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RHM Enters another Sales Contract for Total Solution of Offshore Wind Power Installation Platform

Recently another alternative sales contract became officially effective, which was signed by RHM with Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry.

READ MORE+Release Date,2016-03-14

PEMA Visits RHM; MHC Wins High Evaluation

Lately, a delegation of 90 members from port equipment manufacturers association (PEMA) gathered in RHM, took a visit mainly for currently remarkable “Genma” branded mobile harbor crane (MHC).

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-11-23

ROC’s GEO 1#PX121(H)83.4m PSV Launches Successfully

Lately, GEO 1#PX121(H)83.4m PSV manufactured by ROC was launched successfully from slipway 2#. This PX124H platform applies Norwegian Ulstein’s design.

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-11-23

ROC Gets “First Class Ⅱ Category General Ship Manufacturer” Qualification

Recently ROC passed the site audit by leaders and expert panel from Jiangsu province economic and informatization committee, and was granted the “first class Ⅱ category general ship manufacturer” qualification.

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-07-16

ROC 4000T self-navigation vessel began construction

Recently, ROC 4000T self-navigation vessel with heavy lift crane and floating crane began construction. IHC shipowner representatives, Lloyd's representatives and project members from ROC took part in the starting and si

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-07-03

Genma Crane introduced mobile dust-free hopper

Recently, mobile dust-free hopper developed, designed and produced by RHM itself finished installation successfully. It is another port machine since the Genma mobile harbor crane. Simultaneously it is the first mobile d

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-04-21

Rainbow Offshore Received New Order – 4000T Self Propelled Heavy Lift Vessel

Recently Nantong Rainbow Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd (ROC)received a new order from the Dutch company Royal IHC (IHC) , to build a 4000T self propelled heavy lift vessel for the Luxembourg ship-owner–Normalux Mariti

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-04-07

2#PX121(H)83.4m PSV of ROC was successfully launched

Recently, 2#PX121(H)83.4m PSV of ROC(Nantong Rainbow Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd.) was successfully launched from 2# berth, this is another PSV since the first ship was launched. Fabrication will be stea

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-04-07

Chile PCE project of RCI successfully passed 168-hour endurance test

7 RTG products of PCE project successfully passed endurance test which lasted for 168 hours. RTG products of RCI (Rainbow-Cargotec Industries Co.,Ltd.) are highly recognized by customers and third-party supervisors.

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-04-07

2015 "Genma" Crane Global Agents Summit Ended

Recently 2015 “Genma” crane global agents summit held by RHM came to a successfully end. Partners of different country and region took part in this summit from all over the world.

READ MORE+Release Date,2015-03-17
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